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Official Lawyer Minds Podcast

Oct 22, 2020

Kelsey Starks is a media consultant in Louisville, KY, who trains professionals on how to productively with the press and how to develop professional relationships with reporters. Kelsey’s experience includes working an associate producer for Court TV, a reporter for WCIV news, as well as Co-Anchor of “Good Morning Kentuckiana” on Louisville’s ABC affiliate. Drawing on these experiences, Kelsey now focuses her work as a media consultant training professionals, including trial lawyers, on the best practices of developing a public relations strategy with the press and how to appear professionally in front of the camera. In this interview, Kelsey discusses her background, what drew her interest to the legal field, and how lawyers can take basic steps to navigate working with the media.

To contact Kelsey and learn how you can work with her to “be your best self on camera…and beyond,”, please visit:

To learn more about Kelsey and her work in the community, check out her interview in “Making a Difference” for Louisville’s local PBS channel:

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